(Titles are for identification purposes only)

Organizations and Media Outlets

Davis Enterprise

Yolo County Progressives

Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce PAC

Local and Regional Elected Officials

Fiona Ma, California Board of Equalization Member and Candidate for California State Treasurer

Mariko Yamada, Former California State Assemblywoman

Helen Thomson, Former California State Assemblywoman

Betsy Marchand, Former Yolo County Supervisor

Ruth Uy Asmundson, Former Davis Mayor and Former Davis School Board Member

Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton

Brett Lee, Mayor, City of Davis

Gloria Partida, Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Davis

Dan Carson, Councilmember, City of Davis

Will Arnold, Concilmember, City of Davis

Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

Don Saylor, Yolo County Supervisor, District 2

Gary Sandy, Yolo County Supervisor-Elect, District 3

Shelton Yip, Trustee, Yolo County Office of Education, Area 4

Jesse Ortiz, Yolo County Superintendent of Schools

Dan Wolk, Former Davis Mayor

Debbie Nichols Poulos, Retired Teacher and Former Davis City Council Member

Carlos Alcala, Chairperson, California Democratic Party, Chicano Latino Caucus

Norma Alcala, President, Washington Unified School Board

Karen Rosenkilde-Bayne, Trustee- Area 3, Woodland Joint Unified School Board

Michael Corbett, Former Davis Mayor

Davis School Board Trustees

Bob Poppenga, Current School Board Trustee

Madhavi Sunder, Former School Board Trustee

Sheila Allen, Former School Board Trustee

Gina Daleiden, Former School Board Trustee

Tim Taylor, Former School Board Trustee

Community Members

Dean Johansson, Yolo County Public Defender

Rick Gonzalez, Co-founder, Mexican American Concilio of Yolo County

Richard Livingston, Former Davis High School Teacher

Alan Hirsch, Community Activist

Bob Schelen, Community Activist

Michael Bisch, Director, Yolo County Food Bank

Sean Raycraft, ADEM District 4

Norb Kumagai, Community Volunteer

Matt Williams, Jr, Chair, City of Davis Finance and Budget Commission

Eric Gudz, Member, City of Davis Transportation and Street Safety Commission

Natalie Wormeli, Attorney and ACLU Member

Mari Gray, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Laura Livingston, DJUSD Teacher

Ingrid Salim, DJUSD Teacher

Eliza Sater, DJUSD Teacher

Remy Glovin, DJUSD Teacher

Roxanne Deutsch, DJUSD Teacher

Melissa Moreno, Ethnic Studies Professor, Woodland Community College

Susan Gefter, Community Volunteer

Larry Guenther

Laurie Rollins

Katelynn Bishop

Beth Bourne

Nancy Foytik